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peach time

ok but for real though

why does luigi get a whole fucking year, and peach only gets a month

Because every august is peach month and luigi got one year. Luigi will fall back into the void after a binge of all the attention, may his feast be enough to last him a future eternity of taking the back seat. Meanwhile, Peach takes a month from each year. Every year, Forever. After 12 years august is still peach’s time. After 50 years it will be. After 2000 years and the world is gone a cold July day will end (due to the harsh weather change July experiences very harsh colds during 4014) and at 12:00 AM august first people will worship a worn effigy of princess peach. True it was a parade balloon once, but now it stands for a sign of hope among chaos. Luigi, on the other hand, will be forgotten. A pile of his special edition 3DS burnt as kindling to warm the small room which peach stands.

She is in it for the long haul.

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